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Lassala is the contemporary representation of what we feel like eating when we are in the countryside.

A ethnic restaurant where the cuisine is presented in a direct way with charcoal and smoke as the flavor carriers.



Lassala is the precursor version of Botànic in the Plant Forward world, the step prior to the sophistication of its older brother, Botànic, more simple, sincere and at the same time pure.

Lassala is charcoal, grill and smoke as flavor carriers. At the same time, it is fresh produce, a mixture of textures, colours and cultures.

Lassala is traveler cuisine, which unites us because we all have a different way of cooking the same thing but only
one way of enjoying it.




Get ready to live a unique experience that combines first class Plant Forward gastronomy to be eaten and shared in the countryside, in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.




We recovered the creative concept of Botànic, the first Plant Forward restaurant in Mallorca, to create Lassala, the contemporary representation of what we feel like eating when we are in the countryside.  A ethnic restaurant in which the cuisine is presented in a direct way, with charcoal and smoke as the flavor carriers.

Thus, the story of the Mallorcan sailor Miquel Salas, who for many years travelled the waters of the Mediterranean, bringing back from each trip exceptional herbs and spices, is brought back to life. These succulent condiments allowed his blind son to imagine what these exotic destinations were like, through the aromas they emanated.

The prelude


This is the origin of Lassala, a precursor and basic gastronomic concept, which is at the origin of what later became Botànic, a more exotic, vibrant and fully evolved proposal.

Lassala is a ethnic restaurant where vegetables share the spotlight with the embers, and where the condiments turn a simple country meal into a fun and surprising experience that demands to be shared.

Lassala is born with the vocation of becoming the restaurant with the best salad menu in Mallorca, and the ideal place to share vegetables, rice dishes and gourmet skewers, prepared in the Mediterranean tradition, and finished with a fusion of the best flavours of the East.

Lassala is a #TB to the origins of Botànic, with a simpler but equally unexpected cuisine.
To understand Botànic, you have to start with its origins and try Lassala.


Live the Lassala experience

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